Vannessa Viljoen-Kadziya is a Law student at the University of Birmingham and an advocate for social justice, who proactively works to pioneer change through Education. She is not only passionate about improving race relations through her academics and clothing, she is recognised in her community for her involvement in peaceful protests across Berkshire.  

As well as raising awareness of the truth about black identity, through her social media platform and speeches, from a young age she has volunteered. Some of the charities she volunteers for include; British Red Cross, Reading Community Court, and Benten Academy 


Words from Vannessa: 

"After years of self-education, on the reality of my African history and culture, I continued to be disappointed by the widespread negative representation of black identity. Whilst always being an advocate for change; teaching lessons on African culture to my peers as well as writing about racial inequality, getting into the University of Birmingham to study Law, as a young black woman revealed to me that I am in a position to practically provoke change, in the perception of black identity through education. 

Knowing that I was someone who was not only well-informed on the social issue but a very innovative and creative individual, I knew that there was something that I could personally do to help shape a new and real perspective of black identity. "